lt is not always desirable to read the indicated forces at the point of measurement. Accordingly Tele-indication is possible enabling readings to be taken at the most convenient position and for distances of a few inches and up to a few miles.

teel tubing between the bad cell and indicator is suitable for distances of several yards; lenghts up to one yard (one meter) are generally provided by rigid tubing. For longer distances the tubing is flexible, and post-forming is possible.The minimum radius of bending is 25 mm. When special shaped tubing is required the instrument is delivered with the shaped tubing already mounted. The tubing is specially processed and protected against corrosion.

Rubber tubing instead of steel tubing is now possible. Rubber tubing is easier for assembly purposes and enables load cells and indicators to be moved into a variety of positions.

It is much regretted that friction and attenuation prevent the unlimited use of tubing lengths. The limits are narrower when dealing with the smaller range of forces. Generally speaking lengths up to 20 m show satifactory results.

If the indication is to be transmitted for longer distances, an electric transmission is recommended. The indicator of a WASA Dynamometer will in this case be equipped with a tele-transmitter, which transmits readings by means of electricity, and finally by use of an amplifier on a cross coil measuring receiver.